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Business and Fishing
August 23, 2017
The Maxx World
August 23, 2017

Over time, I have come to understand why I love fishing so much. It's because I love business. You might say "wait a minute- one is work and one is play", but let me explain the similarities and I think you'll agree with me. With both , you always start with a plan. How am I going to attract my customers today? Maybe it's overcast and cold, so it makes sense I may have to change my lure or my sales pitch today. What makes the fish bite one day , may not work the next. Do I pout and take my boat back to the dock or do I adapt? I'm aggressive and I take pride in catching fish when no one else can. I want sales even when my competition says the fish aren't biting. In fact, I want to catch their fish too.

Many business lessons can be drawn from fishing. Those mentioned above are just a few simple examples. Perseverance and persistence will win the race. The team at Reel Maxx believe these principles go hand-n-hand.