Reel Maxx Ceramic Coating Spray is the ultimate rod and reel protectant, UV-blocking and stain protecting shield that extends the life of your equipment. A specially designed ceramic coating spray product, safe to use on all types of fishing rods and reels regardless of material composition.


Ceramic Protection

Reel Maxx is an easy-to-use ceramic spray on/rub in/ wipe off product. This product will keep fish blood, bait splatters, salt water and other difficult stain makers from baking on the rod and reel. Quickly cleans, seals & protects, while creating a deep and long-lasting shine. The ceramic-infused coating solution creates a water-beading & sheeting effect that will last for months. Maintain your fishing rods and reels, virtually anywhere/ anytime, with Reel Maxx Ceramic Coating Spray.
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Protect Your Gear

You spend top dollars on your equipment, why not protect it with a coating that will keep the elements away.

Application Directions

Spray Reel Maxx Ceramic Coating Spray – onto a clean, damp, folded microfiber cloth and onto the surface you are cleaning. Gently wipe the surface with this first damp, folded microfiber cloth. Quickly switch to a clean, folded, dry microfiber cloth and buff off the remaining haze BEFORE IT DRIES. Repeat steps 1-3 until the entire surface is clean, sealed and ultra-glossy.